As the summer begins to get into full swing in Bournemouth it is the time of year for the town to be cashing in on its wonder climate and beach culture.

It is a shame the Beach Hut and Grill have had to close due to rules and regulations pertaining to what it could sell.

It was a very attractive addition to the beach and was always busy. It was a positive addition to the seafront.

At a time when many businesses have closed in the town centre, breathing economic life down to be the beach is a good idea and should be nurtured and encouraged.

Let’s hope the authorities can find a way to doing this so potentially successful pop-up eating or drinking venues are not discouraged .

Good luck to the new SOBO bus and pop up restaurant being developed on popular Southbourne beach.

It is looking good and will undoubtedly attract many beach lovers and visitors over the summer which, in the current economic climate can only be a good thing.


Owls Road, Bournemouth