PLANS for three new padel courts at a Bournemouth tennis club have been refused, with planning officials determining the courts would result in “unacceptable noise impacts”.

The West Hants Club in Roslin Road South wanted to remove the existing padel court and replace it with a tennis court, remove the western spectator stand and install three new padel courts with screens, acoustic fencing and pole mounted floodlights.

However, after 37 objections, including the Talbot Woods and Branksome Residents Association raising concerns for “noise like gunfire”, the plans have been rejected.

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The case officer report said: “It is considered that, it has not been demonstrated that the proposed padel ball courts, and by association, their use, would not result in a level of noise and disturbance that would be detrimental to the living conditions of the occupiers of neighbouring residential properties.”

Bureau Veritas, appointed by BCP Council to conduct a noise assessment, said: “Based on the currently available information, Bureau Veritas is of the opinion that noise from use of the proposed padel tennis courts, as proposed, would result in unacceptable noise impacts at the nearest properties on Elgin Road and most likely, subject to additional baseline survey data, at properties on Dunkeld Road.

“The management measures proposed are not considered to be practicable on a consistent basis, with the impacts, particularly during the evening period likely to be intrusive.

“In our view, the only efficient mitigation approach for such a development would be fully housing the courts inside a lightweight structure.

“However, we appreciate that this may not be viable from an economic, engineering or aesthetic perspective.”

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As reported, Michael Pusey, of the Talbot Woods and Branksome Residents Association, said padel was “very, very different” to tennis.

He said: “You have got a very high level of percussion from ball to bat and the ball hitting the sides.

“The other thing is padel is a much more social activity. You have got high decibels of people shouting.

“We are going to have balls, not soft tennis balls, that will hit the road. They could hit a windscreen, it’s not a great situation.

“This is a private members club and it’s just the wrong place.”