DOZENS of residents have come together after finding out green space by their homes has been put up for auction and earmarked for 11 new homes.

Neighbours in Foxes Close, Badger Way, Belmont Close and Woodpecker Close in Verwood have set up a community group after green space by their homes was listed auction.

Three plots will go under the hammer later this month, for £30,000, £25,000 and £20,000, with plans drawn up but not submitted for 11 new houses.

However, furious residents have strongly objected to losing the greenspace after watching generations of people play there.

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Bournemouth Echo:

Sean Farrow, chairman of the group, said his children learnt to cycle on the green space.

He said: “There was no consultation, all we saw was a sign that went up.

“This is where we’ve done our Jjbilee, our parties, the kids play football, and suddenly we have the threat of that being taken away.

“It would really change how it looks. Our kids will have fewer safe places to play. Our older generation, some with really serious health problems, won’t be able to have those walks that are really essential.

“The worst-case scenario is that plans are proposed to the council and they are accepted.

“What we would like, we’d like the council to recognise it as a village green, to make sure it stays the same for our community and the communities to follow.”

Irene Martin, 79, has lives in the area for 27 years said the green was part of her life and her kids grew up playing there.

“People just cannot believe it’s happening, it’s such a lovely area and so many people use it.

“It really is of use, me with my little dog, I would really be lost without it, my husband died and that dog is my life.”

Adrian Whittingham bought the house with his partner and young daughter less than a year ago with the green being a main selling point.

He said: “We have all the space which is safe from the road. It’s good because I don’t need to run around after her.

“It’s been a tough couple of years, and we’ve said every day ‘aren’t we lucky we’ve found a place like this’.

“Where would she play? The gardens are very small, if she wants to go full steam she can come out here.”

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The land is being auctioned by Auction House London at the end of the month.

Land adjoining Belmont Close has a guide price of £30,000 with plans drawn up for five three-bedroom homes. Land adjoining Badger Way has a guide price of £25,000 and plans for four, three bedroom homes. Land adjacent to Woodpecker Close has a guide price of £20,000 and plans two, three-bedroom homes.

A Dorset Council spokesperson said all planning applications are considered alongside the National Planning Policy Framework and people will be able to comment on applications when they are submitted.

Auction House London has been approached for a comment.