A COUPLE had to be rescued after their kayak was blown out to sea in blustery conditions off Kimmeridge Bay.

On Saturday afternoon (June 18) a member of the public contacted the UK Coastguard to say they had spotted an inflatable kayak that was being taken out to sea due to heavy wind conditions in the area.

In their second call of the day, Swanage Lifeboat’s all-weather Shannon-class boat was tasked to assist the kayak in difficulties and launched shortly after at 3.51pm with six crew members.

With the tide with them the lifeboat volunteers made good speed to Kimmeridge. Once on scene the member of the public was able to guide the lifeboat towards the kayak.

A short time later the lifeboat was alongside the kayak and the two people were taken on board.

The couple were taken into the wheelhouse to warm up while they were taken back up the coast to Kimmeridge.

The lifeboat got as close to the shore as possible, and the kayakers were then able to paddle the short distance to the shore.

Once ashore they were met by the volunteers from Kimmeridge Coastguard. With the situation resolved the lifeboat returned to station.