IT WAS good to read in the Echo that the council is planning to improve the look of Westover Road.

It is one of Bournemouth’s prime thoroughfares, overlooking the theatre and the gardens and sets the tone for so many visitors as they arrive.

Some of the frontages reflect well on the area, others are drab. Those that are closed and boarded up look even worse.

They do not reflect the Bournemouth that we should be proud of.

Anything the council can do to improve the look would be welcome and when Cllr Broadbent, as the Conservative’s portfolio holder, talks of ‘revitalising this much loved area”, then, so good so far, and we look forward to the outcome.

But perhaps the councillor should stroll down the pavement sometime soon.

Were he to do so, he just might notice the derelict bikes locked to a post outside the Premier Inn, which had been an eyesore there for the past four months or longer and he might arrange for the relevant council department to have them removed.

Perhaps he could also improve on the street cleaning.

People treat their environment as well or as badly as it is looked after.

Penny pinching on routine maintenance and cleaning sets the wrong example.

Come on councillor get the basics right.


Amberley Court, Bournemouth