PRIMARK has confirmed it has "no plans" to leave Bournemouth town centre, despite speculation from residents online.

It comes after residents said on social media the Primark store in Commercial Road may be moving to the Argos unit at Castlepoint shopping centre.

A spokesperson from the retail giant said: “I’ve looked into this and we have no plans to move or close this store.”

Residents had suggested on social media the store would be leaving the town centre. 

One person said: “Bournemouth at one point was lovely, now it’s all coffee shops and when Primark goes it will be even worse. So sad it used to be so lovely.”

Another responded saying: “I heard it's moving to Castlepoint not sure when but hardly surprising.”

While another added: “It's going to be in where Argos was but delayed because the unit is being used for Ukraine. I think the Boscombe one is still staying.”