“WHY did you decide to stop me?”, asked a new driver clocked speeding at 68mph in a 40mph zone in Poole.

Dorset Police’s No Excuse team were stationed in Ringwood Road on Thursday, June 16, when two cars approached them. One of them, a Volkswagen Polo, went into lane two to overtake and was found to be speeding 28mph over the limit.

The vehicle was duly pulled over and the driver, who only passed his test 11 weeks ago, now faces a disqualification.

He allegedly asked why the officers had stopped him before they informed him of his speed.

A No Excuse spokesperson said: “Ringwood Road, we don’t seem to be able to get the message across despite us spending so much time there.”

Elsewhere, officers were informed of a vehicle reported as having no insurance, no MOT and no tax. Letters were sent to the registered keeper but more reports of it being driven were received by police.

Officers then attended the registered keeper’s home to discuss but had “no joy”. The vehicle was then seized to prevent it being travelled in again.

The spokesperson added: “We prefer to educate but sometimes enforcement is required.”