A DEVELOPER’S bid for a block of 100 flats on land currently owned by the council have been given the green light.

The scheme for the former highways depot site in Cambridge Road, Bournemouth, will see a single building of up to 13-storeys in height constructed.

Bayview Developments South Ltd still needs to finalise the purchase of the land from BCP Council.

Members of BCP Council’s planning committee unanimously approved the scheme at a meeting on Thursday, June 16, in line with the officer’s recommendation.

In a statement after the meeting, Bill Buckler, Bayview Developments director, told the Daily Echo: “This approval is four years of design collaboration with the local council and their planning department, from a local development company specialising in bespoke design.

“Bournemouth’s skyline is changing and this site is an excellent use of a vacant brownfield site which eases pressure on the greenbelt.

“A new landmark building that contributes well to the continuing town centre regeneration.”

Planning officer Tom Hubbard had said the 13-storey height was a “significant change” to the character of the immediate area around the site, however, he added it will continue the trend for higher density development along the Wessex Way corridor, such as at Richmond Hill.

It is not yet known whether the flats will be sold or for rent, but there is no requirement for them to be affordable. Instead the developer will provide a £2million contribution towards affordable housing.

The scheme includes 72 on-site car parking spaces.

Planning committee vice chair Cllr Toby Johnson said the plan mirrored the “emerging character of tall buildings” in the area of Bournemouth.

“I am more than happy to support the move and the officer’s recommendation,” said Cllr Johnson.

“I think this will be quite an attractive building. The more I look at it the more I think I will quite like the look of it.”

Cllr David Kelsey, planning committee chair, added: “I think it is a very good design. I really like it. I like the way it takes advantage of the sloping part of Cambridge Road where it falls down and comes away – I think that is really well done.”

The site was previously home to Summerhayes Hotel until it was demolished in the late 1980s or early 1990s.

It was then used as a temporary car park before becoming a storage area for highway materials and equipment until 2016. The land has been vacant for the past six years.

The proposed fee BCP Council intends to sell the site for has not been disclosed.

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