RESIDENTS of Bournemouth have backed plans for The Ivy in Bournemouth to open - heralding the arrival of the 'high end' brasserie.

Earlier this year, the Daily Echo revealed the famous London restaurant planned to open a branch in the newly-vacated New Look store in Bournemouth Square.

Now, with plans being considered by BCP Council, comments supporting the arrival of the prestigious eatery, have been submitted.

One person said: "This is great news, The Ivy is a top-class restaurant and will help to transform Bournemouth town centre."

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Another said: "I fully support this proposal.

"Bournemouth is crying out for high-quality restaurants and cafes and this restaurant will have a positive impact on the area and likely to attract other good-quality establishments."

Bournemouth Echo: The Ivy, Bournemouth town centreThe Ivy, Bournemouth town centre

One person said: "I fully support this proposal. The creation of a new good quality brasserie style restaurant in Bournemouth town centre is much needed.

"It will without doubt have a very positive impact on the area and is likely to attract other similar quality providers to a part of the town centre which is in desperate need of investment.

"The opening of The Ivy will be a catalyst for further positive developments."

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Troia (UK) Restaurants submitted their full planning application for alterations to the existing shopfront and create an outdoor seating area back in April.

Within the plans it states the restaurant would be located on the ground floor of the Bourne Avenue premises.

The proposed entrance to the Ivy would be on the southern elevation of the building in Richmond Hill, a change from the access to New Look.

A planning statement submitted by Pegasus Group on behalf of the applicant said if alternative uses other than retail are not considered for the town centre, such as restaurants, units will remain closed.

“More and more vacant units will begin to appear in the town centre and as a result, the town centre will become vacant, and the vitality and vibrancy of the town centre will be seriously affected,” the statement said.

The decision will be made under delegated powers.