A QUIRKY micropub run by the “happiest barman in Bournemouth” - The Silverback Alehouse is Pub of The Week.

Located in Bournemouth, The Silverback Alehouse is a community centred micro-brewery with an ever-changing offering of ales and cider.

The pub was opened in July 2016 by Milton Fenton and a friend, Derek, who had gathered inspiration from a micropub he had visited in Yorkshire.

Milton, who now runs the premises alone, has become a well-liked individual in the area. He told the Daily Echo how someone had bumped into him and said: ‘I know you - you’re the happiest barman in Bournemouth!’”

The Silverback Alehouse has remained a unique venue in the area, with a vibrant ceiling display of beer pump clips as well as church pew seating.

Bournemouth Echo: Beer pump clips from the past 5 years are displayed on the ceiling.Beer pump clips from the past 5 years are displayed on the ceiling.

Milton said: “On the ceiling are all the beers I’ve had in the last five years.

“The beers change every three days, and if I do get the same beer again, I just take them off the ceiling and put it on the board.”

The premises has grown in popularity, but Milton continues to welcome his crowd of regulars. He said: “It’s a little community of people who come here to have a chat and a catch up. It's all ages- 21-year-olds all the way up to 70 plus."

Milton explained that for many drinkers, The Silverback Alehouse has become a safe place to gather. He said: “I’ve got a couple of young ladies who come in, and they come in on their own as they know they can sit down and not be harangued by other people.

Bournemouth Echo: Milton FentonMilton Fenton

“That’s quite a big thing these days. We hear all these horror stories but here they feel confident enough to come in at any time of day and sit down for a pint.”

Milton has also refused to let rising costs rain on his pub parade. He said: “Everything’s gone up in price, but I’ve only gone up by 10p a pint.

“I’m not after world domination, I just want my customers to have a decent pint at a decent price.”

You can find The Silverback Alehouse at 518 Wimborne Rd, Bournemouth, BH9 2EX.