A GAME aimed at developing tennis skills in young people has been launched in time for Wimbledon.

The Shuffle Up Tennis Skills and Fitness Game sees players drawing cards that encourage them to learn and improve tennis skills.

Shuffle Up Games was founded by Bournemouth gymnastics coach Gemma Coles and began with a gymnastics edition. The company has since added football and rugby games.

The tennis game consists of more than 70 cards, which include colour photographs that demonstrate technique, along with guidelines for rep ranges and difficulty levels. The cards form 14 different games, which can be adjusted to suit all skill levels.

Green cards offer simple activities with no experience required, while amber cards contain more challenging activities and red carry complex activities to slowly work towards.

The game can be used as a coaching tool for tennis coaches or PE teachers, or by families and individual players, the company says.

Gemma Coles said: “Often children switch off at the idea of doing traditional strength and conditioning work, so it was important to keep that fun element alive with Shuffle Up.

“We are really looking forward to launching this game in the run up to Wimbledon this year and are hoping to inspire more children to get into tennis.”

Previous Shuffle Up games have sold out at Amazon on multiple occasions, the company says.

Each game is created with the help of sporting experts. For the tennis game, the expert was former tennis pro Marcus Wills, who played against Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2016.

Mr Wills said: “I love how the game has elements that are competitive. As a child, I was very competitive, and I know plenty of other children are too. The games are designed in a clever way. They challenge you to beat your own scores whilst also instilling good technique at the same time.

“We factored in playing ability to this game’s design to ensure it is inclusive in nature. You don’t have to have experience to be able to play. Equally, as an ex-pro player I find the hardest cards challenging, so I know we have something to offer everyone with this.”

The Shuffle Up Tennis Skills and Fitness card game is available on Amazon or from the Shuffle Up website.