THE Dolphin Centre in Poole has been working alongside BCP Council to plant wildflowers across six locations to support the ecosystem and encourage bee pollination.

The shopping centre has committed to supporting the local bee population since 2016 with hives installed on its roof, teaming up with the East Dorset Beekeepers Association (EDBKA) to house thousands of bees and offer a safe and environmentally friendly place to live.

John Grinnell, centre manager at The Dolphin Centre, said: “We have been committed to sustainable practices for many years now, and we are always seeking out ways for the Dolphin Centre to be more eco-friendly.

“With the declining bee population, we feel it is important that people should reconsider mowing their lawns as often, planting wildflowers and giving the opportunity for our pollinators to thrive.”

The Dolphin Centre has funded for the wildflowers to be planted by BCP Council at six locations across Poole including Baiter Park, the George Roundabout, Longfleet Road and Poole Coach station which will also help to beautify the areas.

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