AS a town centre hotelier I feel that the council need to decide what type of resort we are.

The stag parties seem to be coming back in droves as it was about five years ago. Some of the pubs stopped letting them in but I understand that after the pandemic businesses need revenue.

We will not get families back at weekends with this die hard type of business.

The level of damage and antisocial behaviour hoteliers have to deal with each weekend is the reason we are so short of reliable staff.

Try working on a reception desk for a weekend in central Bournemouth councillors and local police – it’s not nice.

We are seeing investments in high end hotels and restaurants coming to the town but we need to decide what type of clientele we want.

Don’t blame the companies who invest in the town.

Councillors, you need to decide are we the Blackpool of the south or the Dubai.

Glinys Luff

Moat Court, Bournemouth