A DUCKLING which fell down a drain in Canford Heath was rescued by a man and his friend. 

Mick Crowland and his friend Chalie Bedding were cycling near the Asda store in Canford Heath when they came across some a female ducks gathered around a drain with her ducklings. 

They both ushered the stray ducks into the nearby St Pauls Church away from danger on the road. 

Bournemouth Echo: Charlie with his head down a drain rescuing the ducklingCharlie with his head down a drain rescuing the duckling

Mick said: “When we moved the ducks away from danger, we both heard quaking noises and realised there was a duckling trapped in the drain. 

“We asked a neighbour to borrow a spade so we could lift up the drain cover and help it. 

“Luckily the duckling was uninjured and wasn’t alarmed. We picked him up and made sure he was comfortable. 

“But it kept making squeaking noises.” 

The duckling has now been safely returned to its mother. 

Viviane Paiva, who gave the spade to Mick and Charlie, described the guys as "young superheroes".

The Brazilian said: "Last Sunday I was at home when a Charlie came to ask me for a tool to try to open a gutter and rescue a duckling that had just fallen in front of ASDA.

"The mother duck with the other ducklings were desperate, but this young man interrupted his leisure time with his bicycle to save the duck family.

She added Charlie is a "pride in the Canford Heath community".