OUTRAGED residents are objecting to the construction of a 60-foot 5G mast next to a school in Charminster.

An application for the proposed 18m mast opposite Malmsbury Park school, between Bennett Road and Lowther Road, has been submitted to BCP Council.

Distance to the school, unsightliness and health risks have been the most cited reasons for concern by residents.

In one objection on the planning applicaiton, one Charminster resident said: "Aesthetically ugly, out of place, diminishing the quality of the area, contributing to the cluttering of the environmental space. Too close to a school, properties, passing pedestrians.

"Harmful to trees, birds, bees, insects, vegetation and would lessen the quality of the natural environment."

Another resident said: "This application does not meet the distance from school requirement under British and International Rules. Minimum of 400-500 metres.

"The tower is also planned to be going within 20 feet of flats which also house children."

However, on social media some have expressed support for the 5G mast installation.

One said: "I’m all for it better coverage means better security for everybody and it will blend in after a while you won’t even notice it."

Another resident said that the plans will “improve” the area.

5G, slated to replace current 3G and 4G networks, promises to speed up the rate of data transfer by 100 times or more.

However, the subject has become controversial with citizens' groups and some scientists expressing concerns about possible impacts to health. However, experts have denounced these as conspiracy theories and deem the network as safe as previous iterations.