ON THURSDAY morning there were three separate couples flouting the rule about the need for dogs on Avon Beach promenade to be on a lead between May and September.

And a gentle reminder of the rule brought suspiciously fast and “clever clogs” justifications from all them for not having their dogs on leads (guilt assuaged perhaps?)

The woman in the fluorescent orange Lycra said she couldn’t run if her dog were on a lead, whilst her partner (purporting to be a local) denied the existence of any such rule about dogs on leads on Avon Beach promenade.

Another said it was only 6.30am – as if time were of the essence. And another said he was walking “the other way” along the promenade.

I must add here that all the dog owners whom I see regularly on Mudeford Quay and Avon beach promenade do follow the rule about dogs on leads between May and September, and thank you to them.

What a pity about the ones I met (and others like them) who put themselves first, and fail to give the beautiful Avon Beach and promenade the respect it deserves.


Cunningham Close, Christchurch