ON THE death of her father King George VI Princess Elizabeth ascended to the throne February 1952 becoming Queen Elizabeth II. Queen of Great Britain and the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The Coronation followed June 1953. The greatest public event in modern British history. Post World War II our nation so happy to celebrate. Flags and parties everywhere. Huge jubilation with leaders and monarchs from all over the world at the Coronation.

And the centre of all this Queen Elizabeth, at the age of 25. And that is a young women who has just lost her deeply loved father.

You can only say how impressive is that. One young woman with the eyes of the entire world on her. In all the finery, pomp, and circumstance, a Coronation service that went on for three hours, the Queen carrying it off to perfection.

And now seventy years later. All the world’s presidents and prime ministers and world leaders that have come and gone. All the huge events that have shaped all our lives and at the centre still of our country, Queen Elizabeth.

And that is Queen Elizabeth with a world knowledge known to be second to none. Any meeting with world leaders she will know their interest, all about their lives, even we are told names of their pets. And this making all differences to connecting together world diplomacy.

Personally I see her as a beacon of peace, and of course stability.

A great British monarch. An exceptional monarch in British history, as we see now bringing out the best in all of us. All the huge joy and happiness in our streets and towns, throughout the country.

We need great people to lead, by example. Thank you Queen Elizabeth.

JEFF WILLIAMS Jubilee Road, Poole