HOW are they going to deliver to these 15 minute shops? Drop goods in by helicopter?

The three councils missed the boat 30/40 years ago. Ask Poole council what they promised Barclays about proposed improvements to the infrastructure and how it was going to be improved over the, then, next 20 years.

Nothing has been done. In fact it’s got worse.

Instead of closing shortcuts, open more up. One of the reasons they are leaving.

If we get one accident or breakdown locally then the whole area goes into lockdown.

Last week it was a large removal van parked on a narrow main road.

Public transport is a joke. The other week it took me 4.5 hours to get to Hamworthy by bus and train.

There appears to be zero coordination between the services.

When I asked a councillor about a new ring road as Castle Lane is obsolete, he told me, ‘We can’t do that because that’s Dorset county council land’.

JIM WATERMAN Katterns Close, Christchurch