A CHILDREN’S television star is to write, direct and appear in an enchanting pantomime production of Cinderella this Christmas in Poole.

Following the success of its first panto produced entirely in-house last year, Poole Lighthouse will welcome Chris Jarvis to lead a “traditional comedy version” of Cinderella – in which he will also appear as Buttons.

The action will be set in Ye Olde Poole where Cinderella is to be found toiling away at the Hardup Hall Hotel where Buttons is the bellboy.

“I’m really excited to be back at Lighthouse in a traditional comedy version of Cinderella that all the family will love, no matter what their age – everyone shall go to the ball,” said Chris.

Cinderella will be played by Charlotte Wood, a talented actor who appeared at Lighthouse last year in Beauty and the Beast.

Of his co-star Charlotte, Chris said: “She was our saving angel last year – as well as appearing in the show in her own role, she was understudy for everyone else. I couldn’t be happier that she’s coming back – from understudy to title role in just 12 months.”

The production will also feature real Shetland ponies as part of the production.

Bournemouth Echo: Lighthouse in PooleLighthouse in Poole

Lighthouse chief executive Elspeth McBain said: “Panto is such an intrinsic part of the Lighthouse year and after the ups and downs of the last two years where we presented pantos despite the pandemic, we are making a magical sparkly new production that will bring joy at Christmas time, across the generations.”

Before the festive show in December, Chris and Charlotte will appear at the Bourne Free Family Show in Bournemouth’s Meyrick Park on Saturday, July 8, from 5pm to 7pm.

Chris will be hosting the main stage entertainment headlined by comedy ventriloquist Max Fulham with Charlotte performing a set of songs, entertainer Kev Stevens and the talented Steppin’ Out Academy.

It will be free to enter and gates open at 4.30pm. As well as the main stage will be a fairground, crafts and sensory area with all proceeds being donated to Dorset Children’s Foundation.

Cinderella tickets are on sale now at and panto fans are encouraged to visit lighthousepoole.co.uk for more information.

The show will be performed from December 8 to 31.