We've been reporting on the cost of living crisis since the beginning of the year when fears over fuel prices and food prices were starting to gather pace.

From foodbanks seeing a rise in the number of people in work forced to ask to help from reaction from our political leaders, our coverage has touched on the issues and got to the heart of many of the issues.

Today, we launch Your Money Matters - our campaign to help you overcome the surge in the cost of living.

Read more about the Your Money Matters campaign here

We asked our readers what their biggest concerns were over the cost of living crisis.

Here's just some of the comments you've left us:

  1. The winter! It's OK at the moment where the heating doesn't need to be on, but the winter when it's so much colder might be a lot more expensive/harder to manage.​
  2. Being able to afford my rent and keep my cat - don't laugh, I am serious. 
  3. I'm already choosing between gas, electricity and food and no one should be in that state not in their thirties.
  4. Managing the bills, trying to live reasonably. Just entered my 80's then 2 years of covid, lockdowns, now faced with years of very difficult financial problems. I was hoping my last few years would be a nice existence. Looks anything but.
  5. My landlord has put the rent up another £100, £1200 now a month he said he wants £1500. I'm just a carer with two children so I'll be made homeless in the future unless landlords are given a cap on the rent they can charge.
  6. That gas and electric going up again in October so this not the worst.
  7. Providing a cultured lifestyle for my children. I never dreamt of a basic dull life for them. I want them to thrive not just survive.
  8. Being cold, I survived the 70's but now I'm old.