A DRIVER was caught by Dorset Traffic Cops doing 96mph on the A35 Puddletown Bypass. 

The driver, who was in a small SUV, received a fixed penalty notice yesterday (May 17) for driving well above the national speed limit of 70mph. 

A taxi was also caught doing 91mph on the same road that same day and was caught doing 91mph whilst enroute to a school run. The taxi driver also received a fixed penalty notice. 

That same day, traffic police also stopped a driver drinking a coffee whilst at the wheel whilst going through Dorchester.

Bournemouth Echo:

Another driver who drove through a red light in front of the police, narrowly avoiding a collision. The driver suggested they were distracted by focusing on signs they were following to get to a local landmark. 

Both the coffee drinker and the sightseer also received fixed penalty notices.