CCTV cameras in Christchurch have been praised for helping identify two individuals who allegedly stole four bags worth of goods from various shops on Monday.

Christchurch Police delivered theft packs to shops identified as having had goods stolen from them by two people who were told by officers to leave the area immediately but were not arrested due to limited resources.

However, following enquiries police have the names and addresses of the suspects and are hopeful of taking the offences to court.

In an update posted by Christchurch Police on Tuesday, May 17, a spokesperson said: “The town cameras did an excellent job identifying the individuals as acting suspicious and alerting the local neighbourhood policing team.

Bournemouth Echo: Documents filed after Christchurch shop thefts. Picture: Christchurch PoliceDocuments filed after Christchurch shop thefts. Picture: Christchurch Police

“The shops now have to complete the [theft] packs with the CCTV, statements and value of goods. This is why CCTV is so important as we need to capture the offence for court.

“Due to resources the offenders couldn’t be arrested at scene. However, this doesn’t change the outcome as we have names and addresses. Everything we do must be assessed with threat, risk and harm.

“We will keep you updated on the next part of the investigation as and when we have it.”