A DRIVER has been given the wrong kind of penalty after being caught watching a game of football on his phone while driving in Bournemouth.

On the evening of Monday, May 16, Bournemouth Police were on patrol when they came across a car swaying from left to right on the A338.

Police said the driver “wasn’t driving to the conditions” as he was travelling at a slow speed and not using his indicators.

Upon closer inspection, officers found the driver was distracted by his phone positioned in the middle of the windscreen showing a game of football.

Officers quickly pulled the vehicle over to engage with the driver, who police say realised the error of his ways and said he had “no excuse”.

A Bournemouth Police spokesperson said: “AFC Bournemouth may be going up, but the only thing that might be going up for this driver is his penalty points and potentially a fine.

“The male was booked, warned about his driving and reported for driving without due care and attention.

“With a yellow card given, remember [that] with driving offences, there is no excuse. Be a team player and keep yourself and others safe on the road.”