A-HA! Alan Partridge is coming to Bournemouth as part of his new tour. 

Steve Coogan, who has played the inept broadcaster since 1991, will be coming to the BIC on Sunday, May 22 as part of his fourth nationwide tour Alan Partridge Live. 

Coogan, 56, told the Daily Echo what Alan Partridge would do if he came to Bournemouth on holiday. He said: “Alan would get fish and chips on the beach.

"He’d also get into a long conversation with a Bournemouth councillor and start giving his opinion on things he knows nothing about.”

Alan will be on stage as part of his live tour wearing what is described as a "head-mic favoured by TED talkers”.

Speaking about what to expect, Coogan said: “It’s Alan Partridge live; you get a big dose of him live.

“It’s just under a couple of hours of fun and games. It’s a big, broad show, with big belly laughter.  

“It’s not like the podcast-y Alan Partridge for afficionados. It’s a bit broader – a more crowd-pleasing Alan. 

Bournemouth Echo: Alan Partridge will be at the BIC this SundayAlan Partridge will be at the BIC this Sunday

“There’s lots going on in the show: there’s song, there’s dancing, there's interactive big screen where he talks to people on the big screen.  

“It’s like a variety show but under the guise of Alan Partridge as a sort of lifestyle guru. He coaches the audience into how to live their lives and how to interpret the pop culture. 

When speaking about Bournemouth, the comedian said he used to come here as a child and loves the reaction the audience gives him. “They always give you a hearty welcome whenever Alan’s up and down the Pavilion. I always get a great reaction.  

“On touring the whole country, having an enthusiastic response makes the show much more enjoyable for me to perform."  

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Steve added: “I would love the readers to come to the show if you want to escape the trials and tribulations that we have been through in the last couple of years.  

“We’ve been through some tough times, so if you want to have a laugh and let their hair down in a room full of people who are all laughing, then come along to the show.” 

Alan Partridge Live will be at the Bournemouth International Centre this Sunday at 8pm.