A BOSCOMBE resident is asking for the public's help to find her missing parrot Percy.

Percy is an Alexandrine parrot, with a long green tail and a bright red beak.

His owner Emma Cuthbert says he is ‘a shy little bird’, he is tame but it is unlikely that he would fly to someone.

Appealing to the public for help, she said: “Especially with all the thunder and the rain and everything, I just want him back safe and sound, I just want to know that he's safe.

"I'm just so worried about him, you wouldn't think a bird would make you cry so much.

“If people could comment on this post or give me a message with the area if they see him, that would be amazing.

“Loads of people have already contacted me who have open bird houses in the back, saying if he flies into there for safety they’ll contact me.

"I know it's far-fetched because it's a bird but I've got to try everything.”

Percy went missing in the Boscombe area, if you see Percy leave a comment or message Emma on 07722 184379.