IT IS time for creative thinking.

Driving a bus in the congested Bournemouth area is one of the most challenging jobs and the drivers are excellent.

However, in my informal surveys of the past months, every potential passenger tells of waiting for buses madly overdue or MIA.

We-who-wait even see the fearsome sight of two yellow No. 1 buses one behind the other. Turns out that one comes from Poole, the other from Bournemouth – surely this is something that can be rearranged by management?

One of the most serious questions answered in my informal surveys is the total agreement of passengers to have the m2 go into Christchurch.

Several days in a row, four of us waited for the No. 1 bus scheduled for 9:52 a.m. (It arrived at 10:09).

While we waited...and waited...five m2 buses passed. Let’s have at least half the m2 buses go into Christchurch (they used to do so).

Now that I’m in my 80s, I’ve given up driving. My free bus pass is appreciated.

All the passengers with whom I spoke agreed it’s not rocket science to have buses on a regular schedule.

Imagine if next we passengers petitioned for free bus service.

Consider the potential reduction in use of personal vehicles, in pollution?

As my brother suggested, a free bus service could by paid for by taxing drivers of automobiles and/or securing grants.

Remember, it’s the mark of a well-run conurbation to have reliable transportation.