I READ with interest in Wednesday’s Echo about Councillor Green’s latest success in obtaining money to construct cycle tracks in this area with good surfaces which will no doubt join the many others he has arranged and are so little used.

One wonders if they present good value for money at this time.

I raise this as I have just returned from a very uncomfortable walk along Parkway Drive and down Broad Avenue in Queens Park to post a letter.

I am 83 with bad arthritis and the disgraceful state of these pavements makes walking very dangerous as one is in danger of tripping all the time.

Various areas now are edged in white no doubt to be repaired, but many holes are not covered – probably they ran out of marker!

Next time I will have to think seriously of using the car to go half a mile to post a letter.

It is time proper consideration was given by the council to existing ratepayers particularly the elderly who need to walk and drive on existing roads and pavements and cannot cycle.

Whilst I have some sympathy with the efforts to cut down on car use, I do think the legacy Councillor Green and the council are trying to create needs to be slowed down to put our existing facilities into proper repair as they will be needed for some years.

If the council are not careful they are going to be responsible for a serious accident.

ROBERT WHITAKER Parkway Drive, Bournemouth