A STAR of the Great British Bake Off has revealed what she’ll be baking ahead of the Queen’s Jubilee.

Poole resident and Great British Bake Off star Maggie Richardson has shared her plans for the four day jubilee weekend, and is calling for Dorset residents to make their own British-themed bakes.

Maggie said: “I’ll definitely be doing some baking for the jubilee. It’s a great opportunity to make something really quite fancy.”

The retired midwife, who featured in the 2021 series of the Great British Bake off, is set to celebrate the jubilee with a street party, and her neighbours will be pleased to hear that she is bringing an extra special bake.

She said: “I will make a big slab of chocolate cake which is supposedly one of the Queen’s favourites- they say it’s chocolate cake she loves.

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“I’ll decorate it with a white frosting and cover it with strawberries and blueberries in the shape of the union jack.”

Maggie and her neighbours plan for the party to be packed with the ‘best of British’ food and drink. She said: “You’ve got to focus on English food.

“One has simply got to start the day with a full English breakfast.

“Then, at the street party you’ve got to have homemade lemonade, cucumber sandwiches and bunting biscuits.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Maggie is now encouraging people to get creative with baking for their own Jubilee celebrations.

She said: “It is a four-day bank holiday, so you have plenty of time to plan something.

“Everyone said to me before the show ‘are you a passionate baker?’ and no, I was very much a necessity baker. If I didn’t have a loaf, I’d make some bread. I’d always make things but nothing to any fancy extent, just basic stuff.

“You had to do so many things in practising for the bake off, and since then I’ve made things I never dreamt I’d be capable of.

“The jubilee is an opportunity to have a go at things.

“You can make your own bunting with biscuits- that would be such good fun.”

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