I WRITE to highlight BCP Council’s lack of attention being paid to Christchurch in its decision making.

Whilst the council needs historic Christchurch to attract visitors, it does nothing to address the antisocial behaviour and vandalism on the increase in the town.

The Rugby Pavilion on Barrack Road recreation ground (owned by BCP but part of an asset transfer back to Christchurch) is being systematically dismantled by vandals to the point that there will be no asset to transfer.

New benches are no sooner installed than the subject of graffiti ‘artists’ and litter/ drug paraphernalia are everywhere on a daily basis.

I have photos as evidence. When will BCP Council invest in patrols and CCTV to get on top of this issue? Our beautiful town is being trashed before our eyes and sooner or later tourists will stop coming.

Let Christchurch return to owning the decision making for our town.


Beaconsfield Road, Christchurch