WETHERSPOONS has grown into an icon of modern British pub life and whether you love it or hate it, we've all been partial to one of their cheap pints.

From bargain booze to budget-friendly meals for the family, Wetherspoons have a lot to offer and that's probably why they're so popular. 

Thanks to Google Reviews we can see which Dorset Wetherspoons have the highest (and lowest) ratings, from previous cutomers.

To save you the hassle, we've sorted through all of the reviews of Dorset's Wetherspoons. Here's the best and worst: 

1. The Moon in the Square, Bournemouth - 4.2 out of 6,105 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

Picture by Richard Crease 18/12/07 bMoonsq3 for Taste - The Moon in the Square in Bournemouth.

The best-rated Wetherspoons in the county is the town centre pub, The Moon in the Square in Bournemouth.

One happy customer said: "Food was absolutely delicious, we ordered fish and chips and two curries. Deserts were equally delicious. Staff were chatty and friendly.

"I would highly recommend anyone to visit this place. Thank you.

2. The Mary Shelley, Bournemouth - 4.1 out of 3,105 reviews

The second best Wetherspoons is another Bournemouth favourite, The Mary Shelley.

One previous cutomer said: "Highly recommended. Great food and good value drinks.

"Plenty of room and good seating areas. Thanks for a fabulous afternoon."

3. The Man in the Wall, Wimborne - 4.1 out of 1,582 reviews 

Bournemouth Echo:

The Man in the Wall - Google Images

Wimborne's The Man in the Wall takes third place with 4.1 stars out of 1,582 reviews.

One customer said: “A lot busier than the Night Jar in the neighbouring town of Ferndale.
"I ordered from the table, (because no bar service at the moment) a pint of Shipyard for £2.49.
"Some nice pieces on the wall. Certainly worth a visit."

4. The Royal Oak, Dorchester - 4.1 out of 1,414 reviews

The Royal Oak in Dorchester is a great place for the whole family, according to reviews.

One customer said: "No no-nonsense, we'll priced pub with fast and tasty food. Order through to the app to your table for ease and contactless payment.

"Staff were great and friendly."

They added: "You just can't fault it."

5. The William Henry, Weymouth - 4.1 out of 2,616 reviews

With four out of five stars The William Henry is the fifth best Wetherspoons in the county. 

"Very nice and welcoming bar with excellent service. Had a traditional breakfast which was excellent and very cheap mist drinks are re fillable," said one happy customer.

"Enjoyed the experience and I would definitely recommend this bar." 

6. The Quay, Poole - 4.0 out of 3,045 reviews

With a whopping 3,045 reviews The Quay in Poole has a rating of four stars.

Again, good food and service is often spoken about in the reviews. 

One previous customer said: "Best value waterside pub we visited on our stay in and around Bournemouth by far and really clean and tidy with friendly staff.

"Grabbed breakfast here which again was really good value and tasted great.

"There's a good sized restaurant inside but we chose to eat and drink outside with a view of the quay. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area."

7. The Swan, Weymouth - 4.0 out of 1,920 reviews

Bournemouth Echo:

The Swan - Google Maps

Not all reviews are shining however, with cheap prices and a run-of-the-mill menu that's usually the same across all pubs, some can be left disheartened. 

One customer at The Swan in Weymouth said:"Great pub with a very good atmosphere
I had a lovely plate of fish and chips very traditional.

"Staff were professional and polite. Well positioned in the town too. Recommend."

8. The Nightjar, Ferndown - 4.0 out of 874 reviews

With not as many reviews as some of the other pubs in the county, The Nightjar in Ferndown has a rating of four stars. 

One review said: "Nicely priced breakfast. App ordering is incredibly easy, mornings it's never too crowded or weird."

9. The Blackwater Stream, Poole -4.0 out of 1,283 reviews

In ninth place is The Blackwater Stream in Poole with 3.9 stars and 1,145 reviews. 

One customer said: "Food was nice, but unfortunately the chips and peas had been left standing a while before the fish was added to the plate."

10. The Greyhound, Bridport - 3.9 out of 1,308 reviews 

Bournemouth Echo:

The Greyhound Bridport - Google Maps

The Greyhound in Bridport has been ranked as number 10 in Dorset with 3.9 stars.

One review said: “We stayed for one night, great value for money, very clean and great location.

"We had dinner and breakfast in the morning - fantastic value for money, the staff are helpful and friendly."

11. The Lord Wimborne, Poole - 3.8 out of 1,682 reviews

The Lord Wimborne in Poole is ranked as number 11 out of 12 Wetherspoons in the county according to Google Reviews.

One previous customer said: "This is a nice Wetherspoons in Poole. Lots of space, nice beer garden and every time I've been here the staff have been very courteous."

12. The Parkstone and Heatherlands, Bournemouth - 3.7 out of 1,045 reviews

The lowest rated Weterspoons is The Parkstone and Heatherlands in Winton.

A popular haunt with students, one customer said: “A classic Wetherspoons, great staff, quick service. I was lucky to find an empty table, it was very busy on a Friday afternoon.
"Felt a little dark inside but overall all good atmosphere."