IT SHOULD be no surprise to anyone to read that our local foreign language schools are suffering so badly in the post-Brexit post-Covid economy (Echo, May 2).

What I did find surprising was the reported size the language school industry had been locally. At £300 million, presumably a turn-over figure, this was not entirely dwarfed by the reported size of tourism locally.

The council’s recent ‘BCP Futures’ document rated tourism as £600 million GVA (gross value added), a £1,000 million turn-over.

The language schools may well complain they deserved better support.

Locally the council support for tourism is so massive, an effort a Hi-de-Hi holiday camp would be proud of.

Yet such a large part-year tourism industry should be a great concern for the council.

The situation is less BCP-wide being pretty-much centred on Bournemouth.

Indeed, the large local tourism tourism industry is likely the reason that Bournemouth’s economy performs so badly relative to Poole’s.

The latest official figures, while a little out-of-date, show Poole as 25 per cent wealthier per head of population than Bournemouth.

Relying so much on tourism locally is more than just an ‘eggs in one basket’ situation.

Part-time industries are not efficient industries and thus promote poverty.

BCP Council really should stop mindlessly promoting industries that operate just a few months of the year.

Dr Martin Rodger Bloxworth Road, Poole