Wimborne Literary Festival will be returning for its twelfth year after a two year break due to the pandemic.

Organiser Malcom Angel says they are looking forward to bringing the event back to life.

He said: “There is a great line up of best selling authors in their field on offer - including James Wythe a Bournemouth lad with a sensational story of perseverance over illness - not only self curing his own debilitating intolerances through his own recipe's but to write his own terrifically popular 'best selling' recipe book - Healthy Living James.

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“Dorset based adventurer Philip Beale will also give his account of his epic 6000 mile voyage from Tunis across the Atlantic to Florida in a reconstruction of a 6th BC Phoenician sailing ship to prove that the Phoenician's could well have discovered America 2000 years before Columbus.

“There are many other great speakers during the fest but of interest for readers who may be crazy about dogs - as I am - will be the appearance and a chance to meet Cruft's Star turn for three years, Kratu, his owner Tess Eagle Swann and Lynne Barrett-Lee the author of the book Incredible Kratu.”

Kratu was rescued as a tiny puppy from a Roma camp in Romania by Tess Eagle Swan - and he turned her life around.

Tess credits her dog with helping her recover after she fell into a spiral of addiction and abuse.

When Kratu the Romanian rescue dog went rogue during an agility trial at Crufts in 2018 he ended up the star of the show, delighting everyone who watched with his hilarious performance.

Wimborne Literary Festival will take place from May 7 to 15. For more information visit: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/wimborne-literary-festival