BCP really must do something about all the dangerous idiots on the prom on electric scooters, before someone gets seriously injured or killed.

On Saturday I and two friends all in our 80s were walking from Portman to Fisherman’s zig-zag.

The prom that day was very busy with many walkers on it, yet we were overtaken by three totally reckless idiots, all on large powerful private and illegal scooters.

The first one was doing wheelies the second went past us doing at least 30-35 mph. It was insane and as there were many people in front of us, he tried to weave through them at this speed.

However, there was lots of sand on the prom because of the council’s poor cleaning and predictably he hit a patch and came off at this speed.

He could have hit any one of the people around him.

While that was happening a third young man came up behind us and hit one of my friends walking stick.

He stopped to heap a non-stop of ageist abuse at us telling us we oldies should die and go away etc.

When we told him that he was breaking the law as his scooter was illegal, as was the speed he was doing.

It got very ugly but the point is that the BCP Council is failing utterly to police these reckless idiots and as me and my friends are walking the prom almost daily, weather permitting, we are seeing much of this type of behaviour each time.

Beryl scooters are also to blame for many of their riders are also riding too fast, certainly over the 10mph and by kids who shouldn’t even be allowed to hire them.

So they are failing us and it is going now on the get worse as summer approaches.

Quite frankly we would all like to see all scooters are banned as having to put up with reckless cyclists is bad enough without having to contend with scooters as well.

But of course it is BCP wanting to make money out of all this, so we know they will never act.

Maybe they will be forced to act when someone will inevitably be injured or killed due to the higher numbers of people who will now be on the prom going forward and into summer, many from well outside our area so don’t give a damn.


Stourwood Avenue, Southbourne