Like many others, I recently received my Council Tax bill for 2022/23.

Accompanying the statement is a letter from Drew Mellor, leader of BCP Council, which is frankly smoke and mirrors.

He tries to convince us that because the base Council Tax is unchanged we are faced with one of the lowest increases anywhere in the country.

What I am interested in is the total amount I pay to the council, which includes not just the base tax but also the Adult Social Care precept.

The reality is that this year we face an increase of four per cent in the amount of Council Tax we pay to BCP Council.

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That is more than the increase of neighbouring Dorset and above the three per cent overall increase of the majority of local authorities.

The visual summary mentions using assets to release £54m of capital.

No where does it explain that they will borrow money against their assets and the money will have to be paid back over many years. A short term gain for long term pain.

Why does Cllr Mellor treat us like idiots rather than being frank?

R F Cooper

Laidlaw Close, Poole