I READ with interest about the 5G mast suddenly appearing from nowhere, and now rising like a Doctor Who monster on a small grass verge in Castle Lane West.

BCP Council, admitting that while they had refused planning permission, they had failed to notify the mast’s installers of their decision within the required notice period.

Therefore mobile network Three, presumably gleefully, charged out and erected the mast with a speed of action that seems to have bamboozled our own council leaders.

Attempting to mitigate this farce, a council spokesperson said that the “mast providers have been advised to paint the masts green to better match their surroundings”.

I’m not sure that the appalled local residents’ main concern was about the colour of the thing.

On that reasoning, perhaps we can eliminate global warming by merely painting all plastics a warm earthy tone, and adding a dash of aromatic tea tree oil to every litre of petrol.


Merrivale Avenue,