So BCP are hoping that Bournemouth will become a city.

Well they’re on their way, shops boarded up, homeless on the streets, criminality including murders, rapes, drugs, increasing by the day.

Bournemouth is now a grubby looking third world shanty town, taking after London.

The BCP Council haven’t a clue, they believe allowing London-based companies with their exorbitant prices to open up in Bournemouth will regenerate an area, for which the BCP have been totally responsible for its current downward spiral.

Wasting money on ridiculous cycle road schemes, using car parks for their flat building companies to make profits. Its just a pity they don’t listen to the local people in the BCP area instead of companies who are only interested in their profits not the people who live here.

Is BCP thinking that when a zero, the only way is up.


Seafield Drive, Southbourne