A PRIVATE hospital in Poole has announced that it will be sponsoring work visas for Ukrainian refugees.

The Harbour Hospital in Poole will be offering clinical roles as well as administrative, engineering, logistics and project management positions to refugees entering the country.

The Harbour Hospital is part of Circle Health Group, which is collectively sponsoring up to 500 work visas for Ukrainian refugees, creating jobs in their 54 sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

The plans were announced ahead of the Government’s new sponsorship programme for businesses to provide visas and employment opportunities for Ukrainian refugees.

Paolo Pieri, Circle Health Group CEO, said: "As one of the UK’s big employers, Circle want to offer jobs and a fresh start to Ukrainian refugees forced to flee from their homeland. We are eager to help in some small way and stand with the Ukrainian people in this moment of unspeakable suffering."

Steve Sharp, executive director of The Harbour Hospital, said: "We are pleased to be part of Circle Health Group's offer of sponsorship for Ukranian refugees, and are doing everything we can at The Harbour Hospital to further contribute to those efforts including supporting local charities with the aid response."