THE leader of the council Drew Mellor’s comments on Bournemouth town centre show exactly why people are fed-up and disillusioned by our local politicians.

Bournemouth town centre has become a shameful reflection on the lack of pride the council has in our towns.

I have to walk around Bournemouth town centre two or three times a week as a health professional visiting people in their own homes.

I was also brought up in Poole when Bournemouth was the place to visit on special occasions for shopping and entertainment.

I am appalled at the laying to waste of the town. Litter is not picked up from backstreets and areas with trees and bushes are strewn with disgusting decaying trash, including toilet paper, from months of neglect.

Buildings that reflect Bournemouth’s history are now dilapidated and the steps from Old Christchurch Road to the car park (to name just one cut through) smell of urine and (recently) faeces and I no longer feel safe using them.

For Cllr Mellor to believe he is duping people into believing it is on the turn is downright insulting to people who know the town centre. I wonder how often he and his colleagues actually walk around the centre and talk to people living there.

Block after block of cheap one-bedroom flats are not going to bring the people into the town that are going to lead economic regeneration and growth.

The incompetent management of the town centre by Bournemouth Council is one of the main reasons that Poole’s residents and probably Christchurch’s vehemently did not want to merge with Bournemouth.

The answers are not easy to achieve but please don’t patronise us Cllr Mellor, but listen to what people are telling you.

XENA DION Blake Dene Road, Poole