A MAN from Ringwood who has driven into Ukraine to drop off medical equipment has told how he helped refugees to leave the country.

Ben Davidson, 43, crossed the border into the city of Lviv on Sunday and handed desperately needed medical goods to citizens of Ukraine.

On arrival, Ben also helped refugees to leave the country and reach safety in Poland.

He said: “I took a couple of refugees out over the border. One guy (in Ukraine) had a mother who was halfway through treatment for cancer. She needed to get to out and into Krakow in Poland to continue the treatment.

“I was able to pick them up and take them across the border to where they needed to be.”

Ben’s involvement with the Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine operation started when he reached out to Karol Swiacki, the organiser of the Facebook group, which called for donations to be made for Ukraine.

He said: “It started with the Polish community. I have a business in Poland, so I feel connected with that community too.

“I saw what he (Karol) was doing at Castlepoint. I wanted to get involved and help where I could.

“I started by packing some stuff at home but then I offered to help him (Karol) down at the warehouse.

“After a couple of days there was some medical equipment ready to go. It obviously needed to get to Ukraine quickly.

“I was more than happy to get it over there.”

Ben then travelled to Poland and drove across the Polish border to the city of Lviv where he delivered the first donations to the people of Ukraine.

He said: “I stayed overnight in Ukraine and met a lot of the people who are working on the humanitarian efforts out there.

“It’s a very organic set up and they are really incredible people.

“Everyone out there is just so focused and so determined. It’s amazing to see.”

Karol Swiacki described Ben on the Help from Bournemouth to Ukraine Facebook page as a ‘real hero’.