SO BCP wish to build numerous apartment blocks with minimal parking spaces?

Fifty five new homes proposed at Barrack Road with fourteen car parking spaces, so this may equate to between seventy to ninety adult persons all of whom may be driving cars.

So where will all these cars be parked?

The plans for Southbourne crossroads car park has the same issue. It can be seen along many roads now where houses have been converted into flats with no parking spaces and there are now four cars for the one house parked on the roads.

The blind stupidity of the council planners is all too obvious as there should not be any alterations from houses into flats or indeed new apartments built without sufficient parking spaces within the area of the ground.

The roads now have cars parked along both sides of the roads, this merely restricts access for emergency vehicles to houses if an emergency arises.

Many cars are now parking partially on the pavements, no consideration to pedestrians, mobility scooters, prams.

It seems that this generation and BCP council are lacking common sense.


Seafield Drive, Southbourne