PLANS to install a 5G mast near a Bournemouth retail park have been refused.

Mobile provider and communications network Three has seen its plans for the mast in Castle Lane West rejected by BCP Council planning officers.

Bournemouth Airport objected to the proposal until further information could be provided on the impact the mass could have on aviation safety.

Coupled with concerns over the scale and design of the mast, the council said the harm caused outweighed social and economic advantages.

As reported, Hutchinson 3G UK Limited, the parent company of Three, asked for permission to install a 20-metre pole and equipment near the near to the Cotswold outdoor shop, and remove the existing 15-metre pole.

A letter submitted by the applicant to the council said: "The proposed replacement mast has been sited and designed in order to provide 5G coverage and to support the existing mobile network.

"At present it is paramount that digital connectivity is supported and maintained throughout the country."

Bournemouth Echo: Plans for the mast, right in blue, compared to the existing one, pictured in red,Plans for the mast, right in blue, compared to the existing one, pictured in red,

Bournemouth Airport responded to the plans, saying they appeared to conflict with the instrument flight procedure (IFP) safeguarding criteria.

The proposal fell into a category which required an in depth assessment, which had not been carried out by the applicant.

A statement submitted on behalf of Bournemouth Airport said: "Bournemouth Airport object to the proposal on the grounds of aviation safety until the results of the IFP assessment are known and it can be proved that there will be no adverse effects on aircraft arriving and departing the airport."

The application was refused by BCP Council's planning department under delegated powers following a report by an officer recommended refusal.

Bournemouth Echo: The mast would have been located in Castle Lane WestThe mast would have been located in Castle Lane West

It said: "The proposal would enhance site coverage in the rolling out of the new 5G technology, enhancing communications in Bournemouth and has social and economic advantages.

"However, it would result in a dominant, incongruous, and poorly designed feature that would be highly visible in the street scene, and which would detract from the area’s character and appearance.

"The application would also be detrimental to highway safety and fails to demonstrate that it would not adversely impact Bournemouth Airport safeguarding criteria. This harm outweighs the merits of the proposal."