Boris Johnson is set to announce that rules to self-isolate when you test positive for Covid are to be scrapped.

This means that the legal requirement to self-isolate for five days after a positive lateral flow test or PCR test would no longer apply – and you can leave the house while having Covid.

The dropping of the rules would be the biggest step yet the UK has seen to reverting back to life before the pandemic.

The Bournemouth Echo invited readers to tell us what they would make of all Covid restrictions and rules being scrapped.

We received over 350 comments.

Here is a selection of the responses:

  1. Absolutely not. It’s still a massive thing to vulnerable people and we have to take responsibility.


2. Someone I know died yesterday due to complications of Covid. So yes, if I caught it, I would isolate until clear.

3. Time for common sense to prevail. If you really feel ill, stay home. If not, don’t. I’ve had Covid this week. Very mild cough. It’s ridiculous to self-isolate for such a mild illness for the vast majority of people.

4. Some should be left in place. Mask wearing doesn’t hurt anyone just for a short while in a shop. To isolate as a requirement doesn’t hurt especially as the period of isolation has been lowered.

5. I have had it twice and if it wasn’t for routine PCRs at work, I would never have known I had it – never had any symptoms and never had a positive LFD.

6. I agree with the isolation rules ending as we have to get back to normal for the economy and mental health.

7. I’ve had enough time off sick from work with various illnesses and conditions. If it’s no longer a legal requirement to isolate, then it’s a no from me.

8. It’s too soon, the figures are still high. June would be better when people are able to go outside.

9. I will still protect others and myself from Covid by wearing a mask.

10. Certainly not, my son and daughter-in-law are really poorly with it at the moment and both are fully vaccinated. We will regret this.

11. All they’re saying is no more free tests. If you’re worried you will have to pay to find out or see your doctor in about three weeks.

12. Yes, restrictions should have been dropped a long time ago. What was the point in getting vaccinated if we still cannot live?

13. About two years too late. Time to party. Time for the rest of you to start living.

14. I’m clinically vulnerable and I still worry even after receiving my jabs. I do appreciate though that we as a country need to get back to some sort of normality. Precautions are still needed though.

15. Not all of them should end but it’s still a lot to just think it’s over – which it isn’t.

16. All of us must be sensible to look after yourself and people around us. I will keep wearing a mask in shops and on public transport.

17. Many people have come down with it in the last couple of weeks. It’s still rife. Just because the government say you can doesn’t mean you have to. Hopefully the majority will rely on common sense.

18. I would hope people who test positive would stay home, but am fully aware that too many selfish people won’t. Personally I would.

19. If the government removes the requirements to self-isolate, then many people won’t get paid unless they go to work. A lot of people are struggling to make ends meet as it is and just can’t afford to isolate if they won’t get any money.

20. I think masks should stay for a little bit longer.