A YOUTH disobeyed an order to leave Poole Bus Station after he was seen repeatedly doing wheelies on a bike.

Officers from Poole Police eventually arrested him as he was showing "disregard" for a dispersal notice.

Police took the boy home and de-arrested him having earlier seized his bicycle on Saturday night.

A spokesperson for Poole Police said: "One youth was spoken to at Poole Bus Station over cycling and doing wheelies through the station. Cycling is not permitted in the bus station.

"He was spoken to a second time by another police unit because he was continuing to wheelie through the location. He swore at officers and was issued a section 35 dispersal notice as a result of the second encounter for repeated behaviour. His cycle was seized as part of the dispersal notice.

"Around an hour later the young man was still showing disregard for the dispersal notice and present in the bus station.

"Officers on patrol targeting the bus station arrested him. He was taken home, de-arrested and will be dealt with via out of court disposal in due course for breaching his dispersal notice."