AN ARTIST and his Bournemouth town centre studio team has created the whitest white paint available today.

Stuart Semple's White 2.0 has been found to have several unique properties by the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) following a study of the paint.

It has been created in collaboration with more than 2,000 artists around the globe, who all took part in an open beta test last year.

Stuart said: "Well, there’s white, then there’s hella white and this stuff is probably even more than that.

"It’s very weird. The NPL report is a bit complicated to read but what it says is that White 2.0 is visibly much brighter than the whitest white out there.”

Bournemouth Echo: Stuart Semple's White 2.0 paint is the whitest white paint available today

The super-white is expected to rival the Purdue University's established 'Whitest White'.

Following a study by the NPL, White 2.0 was found to reflect 75 per cent more ultraviolet light than Purdue while it was 25 per closer to 'true white' than the bestselling artists' white paint.

The successful report for WHITE 2.0 follows on from Stuart's previous exploration of colour, including the Pinkest Pink and Blackest Black Paints.

Stuart said White 2.0 can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world, affordably, on almost any surface with nothing more than a paintbrush.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth artist Stuart SempleBournemouth artist Stuart Semple

He added: "It's all very well having a super white that measures well in a lab, but I'm really interested in what it actually looks like – can someone without a spectrometer actually see it as brighter and whiter? I'm excited to say that's been proven, which means creators and artists can make things that look brighter and better than before".

“I’m so excited to get the results back, we did tests in the studio and we know it was good, but to have it certified by an organisation like NPL really validates the work that a lot of artists have put into this, it’s a huge achievement.

"I just can’t wait to see what people make with this, ever since we made our super black, I’ve dreamed of being able to share a super white.”

Bournemouth Echo: Stuart Semple's White 2.0 paint is the whitest white paint available today

White 2.0 is available online at