A FAMILY-owned brewer in Blandford has unveiled its brand-new series of scenic walks, offering circular pub walks for guests to delve into Dorset’s rich history from three of its iconic pubs.

Hall & Woodhouse has launched these unique routes in partnership with Tess of the Vale, a website providing easy-to-follow mapped routes to explore the best of Dorset’s landscape.

The three initial circular walks begin at the Duchess of Cornwall in Poundbury, the Lulworth Cove Inn in West Lulworth, and The Smuggler’s Inn in Osmington.

Specifically designed to be suitable all year round and with each pub at the helm of every walk, guests can enjoy a reward of a drink and a traditional pub meal after their excursion.

Lucinda Gray, Company Relationships Manager at Hall & Woodhouse, said: “It is really exciting to be able to launch our Woodhouse Walks in partnership with Tess of the Vale, as who doesn’t want to enjoy a walk which starts and finishes with a fantastic pub.

“Hall & Woodhouse is a company deeply rooted in Dorset and Catherine’s walks complement this beautifully while offering walks that visitors might not otherwise know to explore.”

A downloadable mobile and tablet-friendly PDF of the Woodhouse Walks are available to view on the Hall & Woodhouse and each pub’s website. Printed leaflets can also be picked up from each pub.