A SCORNED boyfriend smashed the windscreen of his ex-lover's Porsche outside her luxury home on Sandbanks.

Edward Morris hurled a boulder-sized rock at his ex-girlfriend's Porsche Boxster that was parked on the driveway of her detached house.

He bombarded the victim with text messages after their relationship deteriorated last year and demanded she hand over £20,000 owed to him, a court heard.

He also left 22 public posts on her Facebook page accusing her of sleeping with another man.

When his demands were ignored, he approached her son at a nearby Tesco Express store and told him: "I'm going to take it out on your mum's car."

Minutes later he smashed the windscreen of the Porsche and loitered in the street until she called the police.

She said she was left traumatised by the attack and feared he would hurt her elderly parents who lived nearby.

Morris, 54 and of Anchor Close, Bournemouth, appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court and pleaded guilty to one count of criminal damage and another of harassment.

Shami Duggal, prosecuting, said: "The victim and the defendant had been in a relationship for a decade. It broke down because the defendant suspected that the victim was cheating.

"Between September 20 and 26 he harassed her on social media and through texts."

The court heard on September the victim received a text saying he knew she had slept with a named man.

The prosecutor said: "She received an email and four text messages saying, 'I will go away when you give the £20,000 back'.

"He later changed this to £10,000 and said, 'I will not stop until I get my money'."

Ms Duggal said: "On September 23 an unknown person contacted her father saying, 'you've got enough money to give some'.

"On September 26 the victim's son came into the house and said, 'Eddie's just thrown a rock at your car'.

"Her son said he had seen the defendant in Tesco who had been shouting at him and saying, 'I'm going to take it out on your mum's car'.

"When she went out onto the driveway she saw a large rock-boulder on the windscreen and it was totally smashed.

"At 7.20pm that evening she went upstairs to her bedroom and saw the defendant standing in the middle of the road."

The court heard the victim spent £740 to repair the vehicle and a further £500 bringing the total to £1,240.

Ms Duggal said Morris had 12 previous convictions for 27 offences mainly for theft and one for criminal damage.

Terrance Scanlan, mitigating, said the defendant had been struggling with alcoholism at the time of the offences but had worked hard to overcome it.

He said: "At the time this happened he was drinking very heavily. He was a site manager but for the last two years has dealt with alcohol addiction issues."

Ian Kendall, the magistrate overseeing the case, granted Morris bail until he is sentenced on the condition that he does not attend the victim's address or attempt to contact her.

Morris is due to be sentenced at the same court next month.