A CONTRACTOR who caused damage to grass while working in Boscombe will be charged for the damage.

BCP said they will be chasing reinstatement costs after one of their building contractors damaged the grass at Churchill Gardens.

Resident Gina White, sent in pictures of the damaged grass and said: “Can you imagine the uproar if this was caused by kids on bikes, there would be concrete bollards, giant boulders and fences to stop them.”

Ms White claimed that this is not the first time the grass has been damaged by the council but she raised the issue with the council last year and it has stopped for a while.

She said: “It did stop for a while, but as you can see not for long, you'd think they can see the damage they are causing. There isn't even any need for it as all the bins are located right next to the entrances right by a road, it's sheer laziness.”

A spokesperson from BCP Council said: “Unfortunately our contractor caused a small amount of damage to the grass surface in early January when collecting some temporary fencing from Churchill Gardens.

“Much of the grass has now recovered and contractors will visit site on January 25 to make good any areas which require reinstatement.”