I WATCH and read with horror the unfolding events of the Downing Street expose and hope and pray it ends quickly.

Of course we all got it wrong when we elected this chancer into becoming prime minster. We all had received ample warning from his previous boss Max Hastings, former editor at the Daily Telegraph.

I started off by being delighted that Boris had managed to get the Conservatives back into power with such a majority, but like so many feel that he really has lost the plot.

It would seem that he does not understand the difference between right and wrong and words like ‘lack of integrity’ offer no deep sense of meaning to him.

He is like a naughty boy that requires his bottom smacking, hence the smirk on his face when he is challenged.

He might have achieved good works both as London mayor and leader of the Conservative party. But there is something missing. It is called good judgement. And now we are talking about the culture at 10 Downing Street. No, no. He is the culture and his members should respect what he has set out to do.

Most employees historically would live in fear of their bosses and would not dream of putting a foot wrong for fear of losing their job. They must consider him a pushover.

I certainly will not vote for the Conservatives unless he is summarily dismissed. It is very irritating to find that the standards upheld by the ordinary man in the street are not followed by Downing Street.

Double standards are not good in politics. We all expect more and demand it.


Poole Road, Branksome