A DRIVER tried to flee police by driving aboard the Sandbanks chain ferry.

Members of the Dorset Traffic Cops team spotted the speeding motorist while on patrol last night.

The Nissan Juke driver undertook traffic officers and another car at 45mph in a 30mph zone.

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A police spokesperson said: “When we put the blue lights on, they kept driving until they were on the chain ferry – after all they didn't want to miss the boat.

Bournemouth Echo: Picture from Dorset Traffic CopsPicture from Dorset Traffic Cops

“We didn't find our sea legs though and after some fairly strong encouragement, they returned to dry land where they were issued a ticket.”

Later, on a very busy evening for the team, the driver of a white Mercedes was captured driving at 87mph in a 50mph zone. According to police, the driver said they were rushing to see their girlfriend.

Both drivers now face court with the prospect of losing their licence and a hefty fine.