POLICE issued a dispersal order amid anti-social behaviour concerns after a group of motorists gathered at a service station last night.

A team of Dorset Police traffic officers issued the order at Creekmoor Service Station on Saturday, January 22, after a group of motorcyclists and drivers congregated there for the second time that day.

As part of Operation Charge, a Section 35 Dispersal Notice was put in place after the group refused to leave the area. Police say the order was implemented and the group then “hastily left” the service station.

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This order gives officers the power to direct individuals or groups to leave an area and not return for a specified time. Should they refuse to leave, or return to, that area they could be arrested.

The Dispersal Notice remained in place for the Creekmoor Service Station, Safety Drive, Dorset Way, Holes Bay and the Asda in West Quay Road overnight.

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Traffic officers also reprimanded two drivers for speeding offences, one of whom was travelling nearly 40mph over the speed limit.